Marketing Analytics

Marketing operations have become more technical and data intensive. Lacuna Strategic Marketing Consulting understands this trend and offers analytical expertise to help provide meaningful metrics for every facet of your marketing efforts ranging from market share calculation to determining the proper strategy and model to truly gauge the effectiveness of an forthcoming marketing initiative.

Key Services

Sales Analysis: Lacuna has experience dealing with a variety of data sources in building comprehensible and metrics driven sales and marketing dashboards and analysis tools. Whether it is working with a major retail system like Wal-Marts or working with internal data housed locally, Lacuna can provide insights that can drive sales and marketing.
Expertise covers:

    • IRI/Nielsen Data
    • All major Retail POS systems
    • ODBC Platforms
    • Dashboard Creation and Management
    • Sales Forecasting

Ad-hoc Analysis: Lacuna can leverage its experience and extensive toolkit in helping busy marketing executives maximize merchandising efforts, gauge market acceptance, or even determine the optimal attributes of a new product. Consider Lacuna the expert analyst that you only have to bring on when there is an absolute need.
Past projects have incorporated::

    • Conjoint Analysis
    • RFM and Propensity Analysis
    • Social Media Optimization
    • NPV calculation of marketing projects
    • Scenario Planning

CRM Set-up/Analysis: Companies are finally getting a substantial return for their Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts.  Lacuna can help your organization set up and manage its demand generation efforts.
Past projects have incorporated::

    • Constant Contact

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