"If you canít measure it, you canít manage it."
This truism is finally now true for marketing as well. Marketing operations have become more technical and data intensive. Lacuna Strategic Marketing Consulting understands this trend and offers analytical expertise to help provide meaningful metrics for every facet of your marketing efforts ranging from market share calculation to determining the proper NPV for a forthcoming marketing initiative. Lacuna has also forged several valuable partner relationships to ensure full and complete coverage of your marketing needs.  For more information click here.

Marketing Analytics Approach

Market Research

Most companies blindly try to sell their product or service without knowing how large their market is, how it is segmented, who the chief competition is, or what the major economic and legal components are that drive their market. Without these crucial insights companies cannot begin to effectively position themselves or even effectively select an appropriate segment to target. Lacuna has the experience and resources to help your marketing team effectively understand the external environment that defines your market.

Competitive Intelligence

The internet and social media have emerged to provide marketers with an incredible ability to gather intelligence on the competition. But this is only the tip of the iceburg and these resources can be down right daunting for those who do not have the time, ability, or tools to effectively gather, assimilate, prioritize, analyze, and act on relevant intelligence. Also, intelligence comes from a variety of sources and disciplines and you need a partner that can take a holistic approach to reflect this reality. Lacuna has the ability to financial, operational, marketing, channel, sales, executive, and supply chain information and to weave all of this together into a comprehensive and complete competitive view of your competition.


Marketing Awareness